Let's TEACH Frankfort
how to LEAD!

Paula for Kentucky Senate

District 12

South Lexington

Why Run?

I've never had an interest in running for political office. Like many of you, I was busy with my life, my job as an educator, and I placed trust in my elected officials to do the right thing for the people of Lexington, for the people of Kentucky. However, I feel that trust has been betrayed.

I've had enough. So much so, that I finally switched my party affiliation to Democrat after a lifetime as a Republican. Neither party is perfect, but the current Republican lawmakers in Frankfort aren't fighting for ordinary citizens. They aren't fighting for teachers and other public employees, for University of Kentucky staff and students, for Lexington's factory workers. They are not fighting for our children's future.

I'd be honored if you'd let me fight for you. Together, we can TEACH Frankfort how to LEAD!

Paula Setser-Kissick